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If you’re thinking about submitting an article, send over your ideas and we can discuss further. We are quite picky about what we’ll put up on my blog. So, we do have some guidelines below that you should check out before you submit.

Topics we Accept.

  • Recipes 
  • Baking
  • Product Reviews
  • Healthy Living 
  • Nutrition 
  • Dieting 
  • Travel
  • Parties

The types of articles we are looking for are:

  • ‘Top 10 ___ for ___’
  • ‘Alternative uses of ___’
  • ‘Best ___ Recipe’
  • ‘Top 10 Restaurants in ___’
  • ‘Best Places For Foodies To Visit’

If you have any other suggestions, we are always open to ideas!

We Want Articles, Not Ads

While we are willing to discuss sponsored content, we never want to spam our readers. Please don’t send in a sales pitch disguised as an article. Believe it or not, we can tell!

Please read to submit your Guest post. 

  1. We don't accept any post below 1400 Words.
  2. We allow 1 do follow link to your pages and 1 for a high quality resource.
  3. Your post must have 3-4 images.
  4. post must have proper H1, H2, H3 tags.
  5. Use of bullet points.
  6. Article must explain your topic thoroughly.
  7. Please avoid keyword rich anchors.
  8. Article should not be for self-promotion.
  9. Please check your article for Grammatical Errors and Plagiarism.
  10. It usually takes 24-48 hours for posts to be reviewed.

If you are ready to follow the above guidelines, kindly send us an email with your topics/ideas.

  • We will respond withing 24-28 hours.
  • You will then be required to submit your content via Gdrive link or a word document.
  • Make sure to send featured image and 3-4 other relevant images along with your post.

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