Edmonton Pizza Is So Famous, But Why?

Are you looking for the best Pizza restaurants in Edmonton? Then you can check out the Pizza106 restaurant. We are known to provide delicious and tasty pizzas in Edmonton. We have a huge variety of classic and contemporary pizzas that will satisfy you. We also provide amazing offers and discounts on your purchases. So walk-in and enjoy the amazing food which we have to offer.

Bring in your friends and family

You can treat your family, friends, and neighbors, colleagues with all different and mouthwatering pizzas in our Edmonton Pizza outlet of Pizza106. You can contact us at any time, and your pizza will be ready. We provide amazing deals and different combos at the lowest prices. Walk down with your loved ones to our outlet and share a nice evening with our authentic pizzas.

Why should you choose Pizza106?

We provide the best pizza in Edmonton, and this is the reason why you should come and visit us. We have a wide variety of pizzas that are made from quality ingredients. With us, you get quantity and quality. Our pizzas are meant to satisfy your stomach and also your mind. Our main goal and aim are to satisfy our customers by providing appetizing pizzas.

Finest quality ingredients

We make sure that proper hygiene is maintained in restaurants and also in the kitchen. Your food is prepared with the finest quality ingredients, which massively enhances the taste of your pizzas. Our pizzas are nothing like other restaurants; they are unique and loaded with flavors. Come and dine with us, and let the small flavor packets of our pizza burst in your mouth.

Principles we follow while preparing your orders:

We believe the quality of food is a must to ensure great taste. We make sure to fulfill this while we are cooking for our customers. We use the best quality spices for cooking your order, which results in mouthwatering dishes. And not only that, our chefs are determined to maintain a clean work station while they make your order.

What’s in our Menu?

We have numerous options to choose from. Pick the one that you want to try, and we will make it for you. We have different combos with daily offers so you can make the best out of any day. We provide all types of pizzas- classic cheesy to modern funky. We provide all types of pasta- juicy pasta to cheesy pizzas.


With us, you get affordable pizzas and exciting daily offers. Because of our delicious pizzas, we are loved by our customers and amongst one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. You can easily avail of our amazing pizza deals in Edmonton in the restaurant and online. You can walk into your nearest outlets or call and place your order. You can also check out our website for the everyday offers. Our delivery executives will deliver your fresh pizza in time while it is still warning and cheesy.

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