Try the Top Restaurants In Edmonton, The Pizza106.

We all fancy a small break from the daily hustle in our lives. Going out for dinner with our loved ones is the most usual getaway we enjoy. If you want to relax on the weekend and treat your taste buds, Pizza106 is the place for you. Pizza106 is one of the best places to eat in Edmonton. We have delicious pizzas and pleasant spaces to ease out your stress.

Pizza106: One of the top restaurants in Edmonton

Pizza is everyone’s favorite. And at Pizza106, you will find the best. Handpicked ingredients are the secret to the delectable pizzas we make. You can walk into our restaurants and taste the finest pizzas in Edmonton. We also offer great deals to help you save a little extra without compromising on the quality of your meal. What could be better than a good pizza to drive your worries away?

What makes Pizza106 the Best Pizza Outlet in Town?

Our menu has a wide range of pizzas, subs, pasta, and sandwiches to choose from. We also have flavorsome desserts for someone with a sweet tooth after a delicious cheesy pizza. Pizza106 also serves outside services for many different events. Be it outdoor catering or parties at our outlets; our team will be more than happy to host you. Visit Pizza106 and enjoy our best pizzas.

Great Customer Orientation at Pizza106

Just like the quality of our pizza and catering, we offer great pickup and delivery services. Efficient and fast delivery helps make things easy for you. Our prices are also very reasonable and pocket-friendly. Customer service and quality are our number one priority. Our staff is always approachable and available for any queries or issues. No doubt, Pizza106 is one of the top restaurants in Edmonton.

Host a party with Pizza106

Are you planning to host a big party or a small get-together? Do not worry. Pizza106 has got your back. We offer great deals for catering services for both small and large crowds. And the best part is, pizzas on our menu are pocket-friendly. At Pizza106, you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank when you throw apart.

Pizza106 is the Best Romantic Getaway for You and Your Partner

Pizza106 is not just a great choice for parties and gatherings. It also is one of the best places you can take your date to. Candlelight dinners in fancy restaurants are not the only way to spark a little romance. A cheesy pizza and a luscious dessert at our outlet can make your evening just as heavenly. Pizza106 is known as one of the best romantic restaurants in Edmonton.


Pizza106 serves the most delicious pizzas in Edmonton. With the best ingredients and flavors, our pizzas will leave you wanting for more. Savory cheese pizzas made with handpicked ingredients are our specialty. Treat your friends and family to the best pizzas. And, if you are a pizza lover in Edmonton, you will definitely visit us again. You can explore our website for more.

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