Pizza lovers, Grab Exciting Deals & Offers in Edmonton



Edmonton, which is known as the “Gateway to the North,” is famous for its multi-ethnic restaurant and not to forget Pizza has become a staple of the Canadian diet.


What’s so special about Pizza 106:


Old school pizza joints have made Edmonton pizza place amongst the most respected in the world. But with many options to dig on, it might be hard to figure out the best one. Amongst the recent and newest entry to this pizza scene is Pizza 106.


Pizza 106 is for the people who love pizzas. Serving from thin crust to individual pizzas here, you will get to experience weekly special to try something extra unique. Trust me; you can’t go wrong with pizza 106.


If you are like one of us who loves pizzas, then Pizza 106 brings you the best Pizza in Edmonton. It doesn’t matter what the celebration is Pizza 106 lets you treat your guests to the most mouth-watering and delicious pizzas.


This newest independently owned pizza joint is located in Whitemud Crossing, Edmonton. Here you get to try delicious home-made pizzas, and oven bakes delicious pasta and hand-pressed sandwiches to freshly made salads and more.


Grab the exciting deals & offers:


For a pizza lover, they have got the best and super deals for the customers. Just step into any of its outlets and treat yourself to many delicious mouth-watering dishes.


Furthermore, the deals and offers Edmonton that will be quite easy on your pocket. So, now no more fretting over less money walk in one of the outlets of Pizza 106 and relish on best Pizza in Edmonton.



Best pizza delivery Edmonton – Quick & efficient:


If you are planning to chill with your friends at home and want to treat it as one of those lazy days, grab your phone and call Pizza 106. Their quick and fast delivery will leave you amazed.


With super friendly staff and best chef, Pizza 106 is here to make your visit to Pizza 106 extremely memorable.


With a subtle texture, you have to fold your piece into the half when you eat it, or it will flop down like that, and you don’t want that to happen.


Pizza 106 offers the best pizza delivery Edmonton that is not only quick but free as well. Pizza 106 is popularly known for serving top Pizza in Edmonton. Come and enjoy the fantastic deals and combos that Pizza 106 is offering.


A delicious pizza is undoubtedly known for rocking the party, and Pizza 106 is committed to serving you only the best.


Edmonton Pizza – Why is everyone so fond of it?


Pizza 106 lets you enjoy the most authentic and amazing pizzas in town. From 10″ small Pizza to 14″ simple classic Pizza, you will be confused with lots of beautiful toppings that this joint offers.


Whether it is providing the customers with great choices of all dietary preferences or exploring the extensive menus, this great little neighborhood Pizza place is known for its excellent customer service too.


Everything that you see on the menu is made from top to bottom with fresh, quality ingredients.


To put it in a similar way, Pizza 106 put a strict no to frozen, pre-packed food.

With freshly made dough to real mozzarella cheese, Pizza 106 makes works of art stimulating traditions with family and friends. So visit pizza 106 and try out something unusual.


Depending upon the types of Pizza that you are looking for among Edmonton’s best restaurants, Pizza 106 is unbelievable and very well known in Edmonton for it’s most authentic pizzas.


Pizza 106 has been around for many years and, by far, has served delicious and mouth-watering pizzas to more than thousands of customers.


Friendly customers & staffs:


Their warm, hospitable nature has known to impress almost every client. Moreover, to their guests or customers, they never forget to say thank you.


They are known for great appreciation for continued support the entire staff of Pizza 106 guarantees that you will have the best time with your friends and family.


Yayy! Get a free delivery


From getting free delivery on orders above $30 in a 7km radius to following them on social media for those fantastic deals and coupons, pizza 106 will serve you only the most excellent and high-quality pizzas.


So if you are bored of having those regular pizzas and looking for something different, relax and enjoy flavorsome and delicious meals from Pizza 106.


Edmonton pizza delivery:


Pizza 106 is known for its fast and quick delivery. They guarantee that you won’t have to wait for long for the pizzas. Pizza is delivered by the delivery executive as soon as possible. Whether it is home or office, the choice is entirely yours.


Furthermore, you get amazing discounts on combos too that can satisfy your hunger.


Comes with great packaging:


Pizza Edmonton south strives to make the meal using quality spices and ingredients. Moreover, there is a vast number of sides for you to choose from.


The packaging is hygienic, Eco-friendly, and reusable. The packaging makes sure that it is not causing any harm to the environment. Cleanliness and safe packaging are what Edmonton pizza aims for.


Pizza 106 makes sure to retain their taste while it reaches to you. Only healthy and fresh vegetables, spices, and ingredients are used for preparing.


From classic to contemporary, bring in your family and friends best pizza Edmonton and share a cozy evening with delicious pizzas.



What’s in the Pizza Edmonton menu?


From different combos to cheesy to modern funky pick the one that you want to have, and Pizza 106 will prepare it for you.


Whether it is wraps or pasta with so many options, I am sure you would be confused as to what to choose.


We provide the most affordable and cheap Pizza Edmonton, and Pizza 106 is amongst the best restaurants in Edmonton.


Wrap up:


So go ahead and have a bit of delicious deep-dish pizzas from pizza 106. Give Pizza 106 a call, and they will make sure that you dine out fine. Make your day bliss with cheap pizza Edmonton.


Looking for best restaurants in Edmonton then head straight to Pizza 106 today!

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