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Being in the profession of hospitality for years, we know how to keep our customers happy. It also reflects in our servings at Pizza106. Over the years we have built happy relationships with hundreds of our customers and they keep coming back to us and enjoy their meals with us. Online delivery made it easier for us to reach our foodie souls without getting them into trouble.

We make sure to provide delivery in 30-40 minutes and don’t keep you waiting for long. We often get feedback like, “Pizza106 is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton and no matter how many popular restaurants open up, it will never lose it’ harm”.

Being counted in Edmonton best restaurants it is our responsibility to serve you with those standards and to make sure of that, not only pizza but many other delicacies are prepared to make our customers happy. Out of our many delicacies, there are a few that our customers always reorder and praise us for, here we are going to talk about some such dishes everyone talks about-


Pizza106 Best Pizza restaurant in Edmonton, know fr its quick and free delivery and best tasting pizzas.

Talking about pizza106 and not talk about pizza is not possible. Our outlets are categorized as Edmonton best restaurant and all the credit goes to our pizzas. We serve a variety of pizzas having different toppings and sauces and a good combination of everything it has, we have a pizza for everyone. This hero product of our outlet is so popular as it is made with love and freshness. We always make sure to use fresh dough and other ingredients for our pizza.


After our star product pasta takes the next place. This Italian goodness is loved by almost everyone and also by our catering customers. We offer a bunch of different pasta recipes to choose from to satisfy your pasta cravings. All our outlets make sure to use the best quality raw products to give you the immense taste. Pasta is also a great option just like our special burgers, for those long days as they are known to keep you full for hours.


Then come the sandwiches on the list. Sandwiches are the go-to options for many of our clients. The varieties we offer also include cheeseburgers and hamburgers along with the regular sandwiches. Your favorite Stuffing stuffed between bread is good for that mid-day snacking. You can order these sandwiches to your office and enjoy them in the middle of your hectic work day to treat yourself a little. We use fresh bread and buns to make our sandwiches which give them a feel of freshness and that is the reason for their popularity among our customers.

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For some people, sauces are never enough and they always like to get some extra of that. Our dips made into the menu for these people. We offer 4 different types of dips- Chipotle dip, Ranch dip, Sweet dip, and Creamy Garlic dip. Every dip has its own fanbase and they are equally ordered in our restaurant.


For dessert, we serve Nutella Pizza to satisfy our sweet-toothed customers. Nutella has a space in every household and from kids to elders everyone loves it. When we thought to provide some sweetness to our menu, a Nutella Pizza was the best option we came up with. Nutella is something you can never have enough, so we made our pizza loaded with Nutella to let you enjoy its complete goodness. We can swear by this product and if you ordered it once, you will surely order it again.


For those who are always in hurry and don’t like to shuffle through the menu to get a perfect combo, we created standard combos for them. You can pick up your favorite combo from our standard combos. Everything placed in a combo goes well with others and hence our customers enjoy ordering combos every now and then.

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Pizza106 is titled as Edmonton best restaurants by our happy foodies and we assure you, if you come here once, you will never forget the taste and the quality of food. Pizza106 is the best restaurant with fast delivery, so even if you are in hurry you can rely on us to deliver your food on time. We provide you food you will never forget.

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