How To Engage With Your Customers in Your Restaurant

Attend to your customer’s needs.

Be courteous on how to best engage with their customers in order to create a hospitable and satisfactory dining experience. For example, if you notice your customers are struggling to stay cool on a hot summer day, commercial ice machines allow you to offer ice cold beverages to them immediately. Another key way to show customers that they are valued is by promptly cleaning up after them, whether it be clearing their tables or taking away their dirty dishes. It is also important to do this courteously, with a smile and a good attitude, instead of grumbling about having to clean up after someone else. This small act of service can make all the difference in terms of making a customer feel welcome and appreciated.

If you notice the guests have a baby, consider offering a high chair before they have to ask. This is a courteous act that will make parents more comfortable. Also, chatting with your guests about menu items and recommending certain dishes is a great way to seamlessly engage with them. Consider pointing out your favorite dish, beverage, or dessert.

Take their drink orders and bring them their drinks as quickly as possible.

When greeting your guests for the first time and taking their drink orders, it’s important to do it quickly after they sit down. This will start their visit off on a positive start. Bring the drinks to the table as soon as possible and make sure they match what the customer ordered. And don’t forget to ask follow-up questions or suggestions. This moment is an excellent opportunity to make a recommendation or answer questions about the menu. If there is a problem or delay with the order, let the customer know and keep them posted on the progress.

Chat with them.

Customer engagement doesn’t have to focus on your restaurant. Take some time to introduce yourself to the guests and ask them if they’re local to the area. If they’re not, try recommending a few tourist attractions they’d enjoy. If they’re local, consider chatting with them about local matters to spark a conversation. Whether you engage in small talk or deep conversations, you’ll make the overall experience memorable for your guests.

Pay attention to body language.

Sometimes, your guests won’t want to engage in much conversation. People like this tend to look more withdrawn or quiet, so read their body language and social cues to prevent too much engagement. You’ll also want to give guests time to settle after dinner. Rushing them to leave is rude and will likely prevent them from coming back. Simply check in on them and offer another beverage while they wait. Additionally, if your guests look unhappy or uncomfortable, ask them if they need anything. Chances are, they were too shy to bring anything up. Starting the flow of conversation is key to successful engagement.

Thank customers and ask them for their feedback.

Once your guests finish their meal, feel free to ask them what they thought. This is an excellent way to engage and understand your best dishes. If the customers loved the food, they’ll likely come back and recommend it to other people. If they didn’t enjoy something, consider the feedback a learning opportunity and see if you can improve. And when a customer leaves your restaurant, it is important to thank them for their visit and invite them to come back soon. This will show the customer that you appreciate their business.

Knowing the ways to improve customer interactions is the first step to gaining more loyal customers. By following these tips, you’ll encourage customer appreciation that will keep them coming back to your restaurant.



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