Pizza 106 – One of the best choices for Downtown Edmonton

Are you looking for some fantastic restaurants downtown Edmonton who can deliver pizzas that would add sparks to any of your house party or family gathering? Then Pizza106 is the perfect restaurant to count on. We have a large variety of classic and contemporary food options to choose from, along with amazing discounts on offers.

When you are ordering food from our restaurant, you can expect amazing taste along with high quality as well.  Our staffs are highly dedicated to our customers, which helps us in ensuring you not only experience our tasty food but the quality service as well.

Principles we follow while cooking for our customers!

There are a number of reasons apart from the fantastic food we cook, which makes us one of the best restaurants in downtown Edmonton. We commit to our consumers in providing timely delivery of food, and our delivery is especially on point in the downtown area as its close to our store.

Moreover, we believe that the quality of the food is a must to ensure great taste; hence, we make sure we only use the finest of ingredients and spices to prepare your order, which results in mouthwatering dishes. Also, since our delivery is always on time, you'll always get your food warm and fresh on your table.

What’s in the platter when you order from us?

Although we have a wide variety of items on the menu that tastes great, our consumer's favorite and most ordered food is the amazing pizzas we make. We make sure the pizzas we make are the cheesiest and have fresh ingredients in them. Also, if you are into experimenting with pizza topping, you can customize your order according to your taste.

Additionally, we also have a variety of fantastic pasta, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches as well to decorate your platter. We make sure the food is cooked with love and high-quality ingredients as well so that you'll have a boon of good health when ordering from us.

Why Choose Pizza106

Our business idea is to provide quality over quantity. And our services and track record reflects our undivided commitment to that. To sum it up here are the key factors that make us the best restaurant downtown Edmonton:

  • We have our kitchen loaded with only the finest quality of ingredients. And our cooks commit to preparing your orders with only fresh products.
  • When you order from us, we ensure warm and fresh food on your platter as our food delivery is always on time and guarantees to delivers the food on time at your doorsteps.
  • We also offer amazing discounts on every order; hence, if you are looking for something budget-friendly, we are the perfect people to count on.

The guide for having a juicy meal

To order from us, there are basically two options you can either walk into our restaurant with your pals, or you can order in from the comfort of your couch. To order in, all you need to do is visit our website and choose items to satisfy your hunger and share across your delivery details. We'll get into cooking your food as soon as your order is confirmed and deliver it at your doorsteps at the earliest. So hurry up and order now from one of the best places to eat in Edmonton.

Pizza106 is the best restaurant Downtown for fast, fresh and Fabulous Pizzas. Enjoy the Everyday deals and Combo Offers.

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