Attract Millennial Customers With These Marketing Tricks

Attracting new customers to take a chance on your eatery requires a bit more effort than in the past. Restaurants must decide the most effective way to appeal to their patrons while differentiating themselves from competitors. Millennials, who make up almost a quarter of the population (23.6%), are an important demographic that can help restaurants achieve success. To target this young and mobile crowd, we have some strategies that could better your chances with this age group.

First and foremost, who is considered a millennial? A common consensus determined anyone born between 1981 and 1996 as being part of this specific generation. Considering the youngest millennials would be in their mid-20s and the oldest in their 40s, many of these individuals would have paying jobs, a disposable income and a taste for dining. Don’t confuse millennials for Gen Z, who are mostly in school or new to the job market.

With 75 million prospective consumers in the U.S., restaurants have the potential to feed a lot of hungry, paying mouths. Whether it’s food on-the-go or enjoying a fine dining experience, millennials are dining out an average of 241 times a year!

One way to market to this age group is to develop a distinctive brand and live up to it. It’s good to be different, as millennials love to embrace authenticity. They appreciate the establishment’s culture and what makes it stand out from the rest. However, it’s important to keep the branding consistent when creating your marketing strategy.

Furthermore, millennials care about a business’ values. Do you practice sustainability? They want to know! In a recent survey, 85% of millennials agreed that it’s important to them to support companies that have environmentally friendly practices. You can appeal to this by utilizing local ingredients, sustainably sourced decorations or offering eco-friendly to-go packaging. However, if you plan to do this, make sure to market it loud and clear.

Another important factor to consider in your marketing is consistency, especially when it comes to your restaurant’s online presence. Make sure that the omnichannel persona you developed comes across well and serves its purpose. You want to connect to your loyal customer base while connecting to new potential ones. Don’t be afraid to make it fun.

Have a unique voice that’s worth listening to and can be heard on several social media platforms. It can be greatly influential in attracting prospective millennial customers. However, don’t come off as too annoying or aggressive. One in five millennials have admitted to unfollowing a brand due to its tone.

Millennials hold more buying power with each passing year. Ignoring this large demographic could cost your business more than what you originally input. Reach out and advertise your restaurant as the right fit to these potential buyers. For more marketing ideas to boost your relationship, check out the following infographic created by experts on custom partitions.

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