​shrimp Alfredo penne

​garlic shrimp Alfredo in Edmonton

​garlic shrimp Alfredo in Edmonton

A call for all the cheese lovers out there! Be it a mealtime or just a craving between the meals; shrimp Alfredo penne is sure to win hearts. The heavenly mix of Alfredo sauce, along with shrimp and cream cheese, creates a taste out of the world. This Italian pasta dish is paired with a creamy sauce that is crafted with molten butter and Parmesan cheese. The creamy texture of the sauce coats the penne, and the soft shrimps happen to melt in the mouth.

In one word, we serve one of the best shrimp Alfredo penne in Edmonton. You can try a different variant for the same such as garlic shrimp Alfredo in Edmonton. The strong essence of garlic makes well along with the cheesy penne and shrimp, thus creating a taste that is sure to delight your taste buds. You can simply visit our restaurant to enjoy one of the best sellers of our outlet, shrimp Alfredo penne, and witness the richness of the dish yourself.

vegetable pasta in Edmonton

​veggie red penne in Edmonton

The oven-baked veggie red penne in Edmonton is a recommendable dish for the veggie lovers. The drizzle of colorful veggies makes it way healthier and tasty, as well. We are specialized in penne pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce in Edmonton. It contains fresh veggies like mushroom, tomato, and olives. To complement the taste, it is tossed in cheese and tomato sauce, which gives it the original red color.

When you are concerned about your veggie intake and want to eat something healthy as well as tasty, try our all vegetable pasta in Edmonton. The oven-baked technique keeps the flavors intact while keeping the crunch of the veggies. Our pasta in red sauce with vegetables in Edmonton is one of the classic pasta dishes, which is famous amongst the locals. There are even other varieties of pasta and penne in non-veg, which you can try, such as Chicken Alfredo, Shrimp Alfredo, etc.

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