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A good pizza can make any occasion a hit. Be it a birthday party or a high school after prom; may be a sleepover at your beastie’s or a pajama party with your girls. Our Pizza106 PIZZA in Edmonton is popular amongst all and is a hot favorite at parties.

The pizza 106 in Edmonton is popular because of its perfect balance of meats and greens. The juicy grilled chicken and the tasty ground beef give the robust volume and flavor to the pizza. While the mushrooms and white onion adds to the fullness and aroma. The super smooth and flavorful Alfredo sauce gives the succulent taste to the pizza and the yummy mozzarella just makes it flawless.

You get to choose from three sizes priced perfectly. You can visit any of our outlets and dine in with us or you can also call in and we will have the pizza delivered at your doorstep.

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​original Pizza 106 in Edmonton

If you like our house specialty, then it’s time for you to taste our Pizza 106 Special PIZZA in Edmonton. This one is surely going to leave a long lasting effect on your memory. You can enjoy this delicious pizza with your friends and family and will be thanked by all for treating them with this one!

Just like the original Pizza 106 in Edmonton, the special edition is also fills your senses with a variety of flavors. This one comes with rightly spiced pepperoni, crisp bacon, aromatic bell peppers, juicy mushrooms and robust onions. The perfect red sauce makes it a delightful treat and the cheese on the topping is just an unforgettable extra.

Choose from the variety of sizes and deals available and you can also team up with your favorite beverages or deserts. Order in and treat your guests to the Special Pizza106 on your next gathering and be the star. the best pizza in Edmonton

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