​Pepperoni sub in Edmonton


​pepperoni pizza sub in Edmonton

Are you hungry after a long day’s work and there is still time to reach home, Pizza 106 is always at your service. Pepperoni sub in Edmonton is the flavor of the season; we serve it with lettuce, tomato, and cheese dressing and guarantee it would pamper your taste buds. A big crusty French roll with lots of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese makes it simple but the best. Pepperoni pizza sub in Edmonton has been sized at 10” and 12” to make sure it serves your craving and also should be value for money. We serve the sub with dinner salad to make it a complete and filling experience.


​Steak & pepperoni sub in Edmonton

Stop! Drop the knife; sit back and relax, we have the perfect solution for your steak craving. You just need to dial into Pizza 106 and we will reach you with our amazingly tasty steak and pepperoni sub. Filled with lots of pepperonis, steak, and veggies the bread slices are dressed with yummy seasoned dressing with salt and pepper. Steak & pepperoni sub in Edmonton is the flagship product of pizza 106, which has been ruling the market ever since it has been placed on the menu. Food is not always about huge quantity, it’s the taste that matters, and that is our motto at pizza 106.


​Grilled chicken sub in Edmonton

The yummiest chicken you could ever taste can be found in pizza 106. The Grilled chicken sub in Edmonton is the star of the menu since its inception. The bread slice topped with tomato, cheese, and carefully grilled chicken slices and covered with perfectly seasoned dressings to make it taste finger-licking good. Chilled grilled chicken sub sandwich in Edmonton is something you would not want to miss ticking off your list. Boneless chicken breast, marinated with a special blend of seasonings, grilled, thinly sliced and served chilled in a baguette, with cheese and sliced tomato, sometimes served with BBQ sauce.

Pizza106.com the best pizza in Edmonton

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