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​sausage and peppers sub in Edmonton

What do you look forward to when you crave an Italian sausage sub? a long bread roll or a bun, with meats such as sausage, salami, mortadella, capicola, along with American or provolone cheese, loaded with green bell pepper, tomato, and onion. Dressed with Greek olives, olive oil, salad oil, and salt and pepper. That is how we would serve you an Italian sausage in pizza 106. We are best in terms of Italian sausage sub in Edmonton. 

There are different varieties of the sausage sub that we master at. If you are around our outlet or craving for something spicy, your wait is over, the sausage and peppers sub in Edmonton is what you are looking for. We are just a call away.  Another very delightful preparation includes sausage Parmesan sub in Edmonton, carefully crafted buns and rolls, loaded with chicken, cheese, sausages, and garnished with lots of dressing oil and salad oil, makes it just what you need.


​vegetarian sub in Edmonton

The Vegetarian sub in Edmonton is a high selling product at Pizza 106. Fresh fit line of subs, with 6 gms fat or even less. Our standard build has lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber, along with green peppers and red onions on 6-inch long wheat bread. The standard build is always made without cheese or other condiments, which is added as per client request. The contents of the veggie sub in Edmonton are quite well known and none of them has had any major issues in past, so in that, we assume that you do not have a particular reason to avoid that.

The contents that we give are all good-for-you ingredients with lots of vitamins, fibers, and proteins, so the veggie burger from Pizza 106 can be a part of your healthy eating diet plan as well. Vegetarian meatball sub in Edmonton is meat-free, containing a vegetarian version of the meatballs smothered marinara sauce.

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