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If you are a tropical lover then Pizza106 brings the ultimate Honolulu Hawaiian hand tossed pizza in Edmonton for you. Indulge in the goodness of pineapple, ham and cheese with the perfect tomato sauce that will make your day. Ham and pineapple pizza in Edmonton is a hot favorite, however if you are a green lover then you can always replace the ham for some veggies as we let you customize your own pizza!

So, Hawaiian pizza in Edmonton is now just a phone call away. You are also welcome to visit out store or order online and enjoy the authentic Hawaiian pizza toppings in Edmonton. Add some freshness to your taste buds with the fresh flavors and satisfy your hunger pangs too.

 At Pizza106 we offer you the best deals to choose from so that it’s easy for you to indulge in your favorite pizza while taking it easy on your pocket

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Bored of the same of Pepperoni Pizza in Edmonton? Or are you the kind who always loves to try new things? Then we at Pizza106 have got the perfect PEPPERONI & GREEN PEPPERS PIZZA in Edmonton for you. The lovely greens adds to the color and spice to your favorite pepperoni classic.

Our super skilled and versatile chefs came up with the amazing Pepperoni and Bell Pepper Pizza Recipe in Edmonton to appeal to the taste buds of people who are always looking for new adventures. The aroma of the green bell peppers infuses brilliantly with the smoky pepperoni and the melted cheese just makes it all the more delicious.

So, the next time you crave for a pepperoni pizza try out our Pepperoni and Pepper Pizza in Edmonton for the extra zing and flavor and who knows this could turn out to be your new favorite. Walk in or call Pizza106 today .

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