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Have you yet tried the best burger in Edmonton? If not, then drop in today to the nearest outlet of Pizza106. Our classic Ham and cheese burger will make take you back to your childhood and you will want more.

Our hamburger in Edmonton has the juiciest and the perfectly cooked patty and is placed between freshly oven baked buns. The mayo and the cheese and the fresh and crisp veggies will make your day. Pizza106 has gained popularity as one of the best hamburger restaurant in Edmonton.

So if you are looking to taste a classic hamburger and are looking for some suggestions on some burger places in Edmonton, then Pizza106 should surely be on your list. You can come and enjoy our mouth-watering burger at our restaurant or you can also call in for a delivery. We also offer interesting deals where you can add a beverage and a desert and enjoy a full meal.

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Special ​deluxe cheeseburger

No matter how bad your day has been or how upset you are, nothing can be better than our double cheeseburger deluxe in Edmonton to cheer you up. A perfectly made cheeseburger is loved by all young or old.

Pizza106 makes the deluxe cheeseburger in Edmonton a hot favorite among all. The house baked fresh buns and the loaded variety of melted cheese will make you drool. The fresh veggies inside will give the perfect crunch to your burger and with the crispy bacon it will be hard for you to take it off your mind.

So if you still haven’t tried our cheeseburger deluxe in Edmonton then you should be heading to our store today and experience the zen. With the deals on the offer you may end up savoring a desert and gulping down a beverage as well. In case it is a laid back home alone day, just give us a call, we deliver too!

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