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​delicious Greek Special Pizza

For all you vegetarians out there Pizza106 brings you the simple yet delicious Greek Special PIZZA in Edmonton. Now no more feeling uncomfortable or sad while dining with your non-vegetarian friends, as you can also enjoy lip-smacking pizzas.    

Pizza106 is an authentic Greek Pizza House Restaurant in Edmonton. Our Greek pizza is loaded with veggies like black olives, tomatoes and onions; we also give you the option to choose your favorite veggies. The oregano and cheese add to the aroma and smoothness of the pizza. And the Feta cheese just does all the magic.    

If that made you drool for a pizza right now then just pick up your phones and call us to order your favorite pizza. You can also put on your joggers and walk in to any of our outlets to savor Greek pizza in Edmonton. A brisk walk or a jog after a pizza will also help you get rid of the binge guilt.

greek godess pizza

​Vegan Green Goddess Pizza

Filled with an array of flavors this Vegan Green Goddess Pizza in Edmonton is truly a delight for the green lovers. Even if you are a meat eater, you will surely fall in love with this vegan treat. This pizza is topped with flavorful vegan savory sausages that don’t let you miss the meat much. The veggies like black olives and onion add to the fullness and the tangy tomato sauce just gives it the perfect zing.

However, what you can’t really avoid to notice is the burst of cheese variety that this Greek goddess pizza in Edmonton offers. The pizza is loaded with mozzarella, feta and Parmesan and you can feel the goodness of molten cheese in every bite you take.

So next you visit our store or order from us by phone; remember to give this Goddess a try to experience the ultimate vegan treat and some cheesy affair . the best pizza in Edmonton

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