donair mushroom Pizza

Donair Mushroom Pizza


Now experience the all new and off-beat PEPPERONI & MUSHROOMS PIZZA in Edmonton. Pizza106 brings to you the amazing combination of flavorful pepperoni with juicy mushrooms that will surely tantalize your taste buds. The perfectly cooked base and the tangy sauce, topped with the melted cheese will leave you awestruck.

Pepperoni mushroom pizza in Edmonton is the new favorite and you must try it if you are a pepperoni pizza lover. We at Pizza106 use the best quality and fresh products, so you can be assured of tasting the best pizza pepperoni mushroom in Edmonton.

Be it an office party, a re-union with friends, a house party or a quite home alone night a pepperoni pizza can never go wrong. At Pizza106 you will get combos and deals that will be hard to resist. So just pick up your phones and call us to have your box of cheesy joy delivered at your doorstep.

Donair Mushroom Pizza delievry


Pizza106 brings to you the Canadian heartthrob Donair meat in your favorite cheesy pizza as the DONAIR & ONIONS PIZZA in Edmonton.  The country’s love for the meat was the inspiration behind the recipe. The soft and juicy Donair meat paired up with the tasty sauce, perfect cheese and the flavorful onions will surely tease your taste buds.

If you are a Donair lover then this one is surely meant for you. The best part is at Pizza106 we let you design your own pizza. So if you like anything else other than the regular toppings just let us know while placing the order. And the chefs will be happy to cook up the pizza your style.

Red Onion Pizza & Donair in Edmonton is a classic combination and you will experience the best at Pizza106. Just walk in with your friends or give us a call and we will take good care of your hunger pangs. the best pizza in Edmonton

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