Donair Heaven Tropical Chicken Pizza​

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​Donair heaven Pizza ​

Taste the heavenly Donair heaven PIZZA in Edmonton right here at Pizza106. It’s an ultimate favorite for donair meat lovers and will keep you drooling for more. Be it a high school first date or a soccer victory celebration, a donair meat pizza can make anyone’s day.

The Heaven Pizza and Cafe in Edmonton is loaded with goodness of juicy over loaded premium donair meat, flavorful white onions, a sweet sauce base that soothes out the taste perfectly and is topped with generous helpings of molten mozzarella cheese. This heavenly pizza is served with some extra sweet sauce by the side and is a perfect choice when you are unsure of what to choose.

Next time you are craving for some pizza do try out our Heavenly Donair pizza. You can simply order in by calling or from our website. However, if you like to dine in remember we love to serve you in person as well.

tropical doonair heaven chicken pizza edmonton

​tropical chicken pizza in Edmonton

Binge on the fresh and flavorful tropical chicken pizza in Edmonton with us at Pizza106. If you are a pineapple lover then this one is surely going to steal your heart. Bring your friends and family and enjoy our super deals without going too heavy on your pocket.

This pizza tropical chicken in Edmonton is a riot of flavors. The gorgeous grilled chicken and bacon is a paradise for meat lovers, while the tangy pineapple cubes add to the fun. Our perfectly prepared Alfredo sauce will stick to your memory forever and the extra mozzarella cheese just makes it unforgettable.

We at Pizza106 make sure that your every encounter with pizza is authentic and pleasurable. So be it your workplace or your home or even an out-door picnic at a neighborhood park, just give us a call and we will love to deliver your favorite tropical pizza on time, always. the best pizza in Edmonton

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