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​Pizza106 ‘Chicken Burger’ ​deliciousness in every bite

‘Chicken Burger’, does this even need an introduction? The hot favorite of the young and old, everyone loves a good chicken burger. And Pizza106 excels in making the best chicken burger in Edmonton.

Our grilled chicken burger in Edmonton is made with love so you will find deliciousness in every bite that you take. We bake our own breads, so the buns will always be soft and fresh. Our skilled chefs are experts in making the perfectly seasoned patty; you will see the juices oozing out with every bite. The mayo and the cheese just infuse perfectly and the fresh slices of veggies add the perfect crunch.

Visit our restaurant or call us to order a home delivery. We will make sure that we serve you the tastiest chicken burger ever. You can also choose from our awesome deals and add a beverage and a desert to make it a meal.

bacon cheese burger edmonton

​​Now try the ultimate ​bacon cheeseburger in Edmonton.

Is your girlfriend upset with you for forgetting her cat’s birthday? Don’t you worry, Pizza106 bring you the perfect mood changer bacon cheeseburger in Edmonton. Just bring her for a date at any of our outlets or call us to order a home delivery. Our delicious burger will surely cheer her up.

Our double cheeseburger in Edmonton has been famous for its mouth-watering taste, fresh veggies, soft buns, perfectly spiced and cooked patty and of course loads of cheese. It’s a must have if you are a resident of Edmonton or you have come to visit the city.

We at Pizza106 can guarantee that after you taste our cheeseburger in Edmonton you will keep coming back for more. It’s easy on your pocket and you also have the flexibility to make it a meal or add in a desert or beverage. We have great combos and deals to choose from too! the best pizza in Edmonton

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