​Chicken Pesto Pizza

chicken pesto pizza edmonton

​​​Chicken pesto pizza in Edmonton

Evening cravings or lunch break, or you might have some friends coming over to your place, what else could be better than a chicken pesto pizza in Edmonton. Pizza 106 has a wide variety of pizza delicacies, but chicken pesto pizza has always been a show stopper. A creamy, full of dairy and nut, with pesto sauce as a base, layered with chicken, cheese and cherry tomatoes. We have the best chicken pesto pizza recipe in Edmonton.  

We use our home product pizza dough and topped it with sunflower seed pesto, grilled chicken, some mozzarella cheese. Instead of the generic pizza sauce, we prefer our sunflower seed pesto. Which itself is a winner. Chicken and pesto pizza in Edmonton can be innovated and the toppings can add as per your wish. We recommend roasted garlic, broccoli, and potatoes; some mushrooms can add the extra flavor. It's a perfect blend of flavor and taste.

Chicken pesto flatbread pizza in Edmonton

​Chicken pesto flatbread pizza

​We have the best homemade chicken pesto pizza in Edmonton, Perfect blend of flavor and taste, to impress your vegan and non-vegan friends. It's perfect party food, if you cut it up into small pieces and serve them as appetizers. Chicken pesto flatbread pizza in Edmonton combines all of your favorite flavors into an easy to pizza recipe that is elegant and delicious and while being comfort food.

The grilled chicken breast on this pesto pizza adds so much meatiness; you would not want it any other way. Chicken spinach pizza in Edmonton is one of the healthy versions of pesto and chicken pizza. Pizza base covered with pesto sauce and layered with chicken and spinach, cheese and tomato, dressed with olives and garnished with oregano. We have 10” and 12” pizza which can be served as per your requirement and the price is of course quite affordable, it has been planned considering the demand and reviews.

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