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​cheesy garlic bread in Edmonton

This classic Italian recipe is a favorite of all. Any time during the day or any occasion, a well-crafted garlic cheese bread in Edmonton is enough to set your mood. Our cheesy garlic bread in Edmonton is made with baguette or ciabatta bread variant. The dough is flavored with minced garlic with a drizzle of olive oil and loaded with cheese.

Herbs like oregano and chive complement the flavors of garlic and cheese in the bread. We are one of the renowned sellers of cheesy bread in Edmonton. With more extended shelf life it can also be preserved for a longer time and can be your munch during a journey or even during a laid back evening.

chicken wings edmonton

​baked chicken wings in Edmonton

Are you conscious about your diet still loves to experience durst of flavors in your mouth? Look for baked chicken wings in Edmonton. We offer crispy baked chicken wings in Edmonton, which has become the hot favorite of our customers. The oven-baked chicken wings come with a crispy coating that is flavorful while it is juicy and tender from inside.

The soft and smooth texture of the chicken let it melt in your mouth. There are several varieties available of oven-baked chicken wings in Edmonton, such as extra spicy, mild, and many more. Our baked crispy chicken wings are served with a sprinkle of spring onion and with your favorite white sauce or red hot sauce.

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