​Caesar Greek Pita

Caesar greek pita

​Edmonton's tastiest ​Caesar pita

​What can be a tastier on the go meal than a Chicken Caesar pita in Edmonton? Pizza106 bring to you the classic Caesar Salad in freshly baked pita bread to satisfy your hunger pangs. Our Caesar salad is deliciously made with perfectly season grilled chicken, creamy Caesar Dressing, crunchy fresh lettuce and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 

Once you taste our Chicken Caesar salad pita in Edmonton you will surely fall in love with the taste. They come in two sizes to choose from and you can either visit us to dine in or can call us to order home delivery.

Caesar greek pita edmonton

​mouthwatering Greek pita sandwich

​A freshly made mouthwatering Greek pita sandwich in Edmonton is all you need to curb your hunger. Pizza106 makes the yummiest Tzatziki sauce and the sandwich is full of flavor with the grilled chicken slices, the freshly plucked crunchy lettuce, the juicy tomatoes and the delicious feta cheese. 

We bake our own bread so you will feel the difference in the pita as will, as it’s much softer and fresh than you buy from the stores. We have two sizes to offer regular and large and you can give us a call to order your sandwich for home delivery or you can also visit our outlet to enjoy the Greek chicken pita with Tzatziki sauce in Edmonton.

order Caesar greek pita

​chipotle chicken wrap

​Everyone loves healthy chipotle chicken lettuce wraps in Edmonton. These wraps are nutritious and tasty as well. Pizza106 pays special attention in making the wrap so you will find goodness in every bite that you take of these chipotle chicken lettuce wraps in Edmonton. 

This sandwich is filling as well as satisfying to your taste buds as well. Our chipotle chicken wrap in Edmonton is quite popular and is a must try if you are a wrap lover. So if you still haven’t tasted this comfort food then it’s time to head to our outlet or pick up you phone and order in our chipotle wrap in Edmonton.

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